TARA ISLAND COLLECTION Diamond Encrusted Pastel Pearl Brooch

TARA ISLAND COLLECTION Diamond Encrusted Pastel Pearl Brooch

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This is no ordinary ‘flower’. This, is a flower with petals of Russian diamonds, embedded in Rhodium Silver. And at its heart, glittering pastel pearls rest proudly. It knows its beauty. Now that has to be a flower, that Elizabeth Taylor, the Queen of Glamour herself, would be proud to receive!

This lustrous pearl treasure is an immediate touch of classic elegance that will gleam beautifully under the bright lights, and camera flashes, at a red carpet event; look almost as beautiful as you, in your wedding photographs; add an heir of powerful, stately seduction to your business suit; and enhance the beauty of your formal and eveningwear.

For film star prowess, and a true celebration of your feminine beauty, this statement piece is nothing less than perfection!

This fabulous piece is available for immediate dispatch.

Pearl Colors: White, Peach, & Lilac
Pearl Size: 7-8mm
Number of Pearls: 25
Number of Russian Diamonds: 46
Luster: Highest
Nacre: Very Thick
Surface: Excellent
Grade: High Quality AA
Species: Freshwater
Setting: Russian Diamond Encrusted Rhodium Silver
Design: Glamorous, Elegant, Classic
Occasion: Formal, Evening, Business, Bridal
Brooch Diameter: 2 Inches