PACIFIC PEARLS PALLISER LAGOON COLLECTION White Double Stud Pearl Earrings Pearls have, historically, been the ‘gem of Queens’. Royalty from Marie Antoinette, to the powerhouse that was Queen Victoria, to the present day Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, have adorned classic pearl stud earrings. These chic double stud earrings are a stunningly contemporary reincarnation or the ubiquitous pearl stud earring. Each sparkling white freshwater gem is poised on 925 sterling silver posts.

These gorgeous earrings make a stylish statement and are bound to be remembered. Its consciously uncomplicated design would highlight imperfections, so it is imperative that each pearl is of a superior quality, and that each pearl is expertly matched. When this is achieved, as it is here, they make a clear statement of integral beauty, unaffected by the whims of fashion.