PACIFIC PEARLS SOCIETY ISLANDS COLLECTION White 90 Inch Pearl Necklace Because it is recognizably classic in form, similar to those worn by Jackie Onassis, Coco Chanel, Diana Princess of Wales, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many, many more philanthropists, well-respected queens of glamour, and starlets.

Because its sophistication is timeless, unaffected by fads, fashions, and whims.

Because it is versatile: it can be worn in several different ways, as a rope length, princess length or matinee length necklace, and when multiple necklace enhancers are added, its personality changes yet again;

Because it is just so easy to wear, perfect for any, and every occasion;and because the quality of the pearl is integral to its design.

Necklaces like this have remained so popular among our most respected women, for so long, that they are now, quite simply iconic.