Everybody loves those personality quizzes you can take in magazines and online, right? You know, the ones that tell you which movie character you’re most like, or what type of friend you are?

Well, today we’re going to determine which pearl personality you are!

The pearls you wear say a lot about your lifestyle and your personality. So let’s take a look at which pearls would be the best fit for you – and what your pearl choices reveal about your inner self!


If you’re the playful type, you’re willing to mix it up with your pearls. Your style is fun and original, and so are you! You’re willing to take risks, because you don’t take life too seriously. You pride yourself on being an individual, and on never following the crowd. For you, the perfect pearls are a twist on the traditional. Instead of a classic strand of white pearls, you take it up a notch with a necklace of giant baroque pearls that instantly draw the eye with their unusual shapes. Or maybe you love wearing combo pieces featuring pearls nestled among some other material – like bright coral or onyx pieces, for example. No matter what you choose, your playful personality will always shine through.


For you workaholics, it’s all about professionalism. You are dedicated to your work heart and soul, and your style reflects that fact. Your job is more than just a job to you – it’s a calling, and you love it. You’re never happier than when you’re doing your thing – and your devotion shows, because your work is of the highest quality. For you, the perfect pearls complement your workplace look without drawing attention away from the whole. They have an important job to do, just like you – they’re meant to add to the professionalism of your attire without taking attention away from the tasks at hand – and just like you, they do it well. A classic strand of white pearls, with a simple pair of pearl stud earrings, will complete any work outfit very nicely.


If you’re the type that loves the dramatic, you go for the jaw-droppingly gorgeous pearls every time. When you sweep into a room, everyone knows it – all eyes are drawn to you and your elegant attire. You appreciate the finer things in life – the arts, music, fine dining – and naturally want to adorn yourself with only the best, as well. The perfect pearls for you are those that will elicit oohs and ahhs from everyone around you. A dramatic cascading pearl necklace with pearl drop earrings is just the thing to stun everyone in the room.


If you’re the casual type, you‘re easygoing and friendly. You’re not demanding when it comes to life; you just want to enjoy the comforts of good times with family and friends. You love just hanging out, maybe grabbing something to eat or watching the game. The perfect pearls for you are just as relaxed and casual as your lifestyle. You’d be happiest wearing a cute pearl charm bracelet with your T-shirt and jeans, or maybe a simple pearl pendant to go with your ball cap and ponytail.

So did you find your pearl personality? Or maybe you’re a combination of a few! Let us know which one(s) you are, and what your favorite piece of pearl jewelry is, in the comments section below!