Pearls symbolize the noble nature of true love; the aspects of love that make one’s spirit soar on eagles’ wings – purity, loyalty, integrity, and generosity. Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, and as I take a leisurely walk in the graceful city I live in, I search for signs of love in those I observe.

A tall, self-assured young woman strides by, her long, dark hair flapping in the breeze. A single strand of white pearls incandescently lights up her face. She breaks into a run, melting in the arms of the young man waiting for her. They kiss unabashedly, oblivious to their surroundings or passersby.

A ruddy-faced, rotund, sixty-something man passes me, balancing an armful of groceries while shepherding his grey-haired, slow-gaited wife, bravely pulling a heavily laden purple trolley. That spoke volumes to me. Their love has endured through joy and sorrow, failure and triumph, the excitement of parenthood and the tears when faced with an empty nest.

You could express your love this Valentine’s Day without saying a word. Imagine your special someone’s eyes brimming with tears as you place an Amorette Diamond Encrusted White Pearl ring on her finger; or the sheer bliss on your wife’s face as she expectantly opens her gift of an Eternal Pearl Pendant.

Pearls and love are divinely inspired.