You know, making it through a long, exhausting workweek can really drain a gal. When deadlines are looming, clients are demanding, & coworkers are stressing, it can be all but impossible to get to Friday with your sanity intact.

Well, let us amend that: it used to be all but impossible. We here at Pacific Pearls have recently discovered a super effective method of keeping spirits high all the way to Friday! Everybody knows about the health benefits of retail therapy, right? Shopping is good for what ails you, whether it’s mental or physical. But this knowledge has never been applied on a regular basis to the weekly stresses of the workplace. That is the break-through here at Pacific Pearls – every single week, absolutely amazing deals on pearls will be offered, as a cure for the health conditions often brought on by a stressful week.

Pearls are renowned across the globe for their ability to lift spirits & improve a person’s outlook on life, so it only makes sense that they would be invaluable in the fight against workplace stress.

Irritable Boss Syndrome

When the boss ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. It’s not quite how the saying goes, but it’s true, nonetheless. If a supervisor is under stress, it can easily affect the way he or she treats employees, & everyone knows – once someone catches the stress bug from the boss, it can spread from colleague to colleague unchecked. By Friday, the whole office is infected, & morale is at an all-time low. The cure? Buy a gorgeous, head-turning pearl necklace & all the compliments it’s sure to elicit will help to turn the tide of negativity in the office.

Chronic Coworker Fatigue

Most of the time, coworkers manage to get along. But every once in a while, two personalities simply do not mesh, & when that happens, it can take a Herculean effort to put up with that colleague for five whole days in a row. Every time you’re forced to interact with this coworker, the level of coworker fatigue rises, until it’s nearly unbearable. What do our experts recommend? Buy a new set of dangly pearl earrings as a reward for making it through the week – the seratonin boost you’ll experience will last you through Friday.

Rest Denial Virus

Not to be confused with West Nile Virus, RDV is a serious affliction for those in high-stress positions. Lack of sleep can really take it out of a girl, & when coupled with high levels of stress, it’s bound to cause issues, both in your productivity & in your interactions with coworkers. Try buying a beautiful new pearl charm bracelet & watch as your jangled nerves are calmed.

So listen to your (retail) therapist! When the stress of your workweek starts getting you down, head on over to our site & browse the world’s largest pearl library. Not only will you be getting a new piece of gorgeous pearl jewelry to spice up your office wardrobe, you’ll be improving your health at the same time!