TREASURE ISLAND COLLECTION Amethyst and Pearl 5-in-1 Lariat

TREASURE ISLAND COLLECTION Amethyst and Pearl 5-in-1 Lariat
TREASURE ISLAND COLLECTION Amethyst and Pearl 5-in-1 Lariat necklace_double_amethyst.600 (1) bracelet_stone_amethyst.600 necklace_long_amethyst.600 necklace_knot_amethyst.600 necklace_knot_chocker_amethyst.600 treasure_island_clasp.600

TREASURE ISLAND COLLECTION Amethyst and Pearl 5-in-1 Lariat

$250 $75

As if plucked from the treasure chest of Amphitrite, goddess of the sea, a string of approximately three hundred and fifty deep purple amethysts shimmer, punctuated by twelve semi-round freshwater pearls as white and glistening as the tip of a wave.

Amethyst is the gem of water lovers and the birthstone of Pisces, that mysterious and beguiling water sign.

This versatile design is exclusive to Pacific Pearls, and looks absolutely fabulous next to black silk, and satin. Go all out with a black fishtail ball gown for ultimate watery glamour. It looks equally magical, however, when worn with black denim, making this a stunning selection for casual wear and evening wear alike. Don this beauty, and you will become the personification of the sea. Just like Amphitrite herself! With any luck, you’ll even capture your King Poseidon.

For added versatility and to get just the right color combination you’re after, wear this together with any other piece in the Treasure Island Collection.

This fabulous piece is available for immediate shipping.

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Retail Price & Certified Valuation: $250
Gems: Amethyst and Pearl
Gem Size: 6mm – 14mm
Pearl Size: 8mm – 9mm
Luster: Very High
Nacre: Very Thick
Surface: Good
Pearl Shape: Semi-Round
Matching: Very Good
Number of Pearls: 12
Number of Gems: Approximately 350
Species: Freshwater Pearls and Genuine Amethyst
Design: Classic, Fashionable, Elegant, Unique, Timeless
Occasion: Casual, Formal, Evening Wear, Buisness Wear, Weekend
Rarity: Exclusive to Pacific Pearls
Clasp: Genuine 14k White Gold FIlled Safety Clasp
Stringing: Double Strand Fine White Silk
Length: 40 inches