TERAINA COVE COLLECTION Lilac 5-10mm Pearl Lariat

10% For The Cure
TERAINA COVE COLLECTION Lilac 5-10mm Pearl Lariat
TERAINA COVE COLLECTION Lilac 5-10mm Pearl Lariat Lilac_Biwa_Lariat_Display_Short.600 Lilac_Biwa_Lariat_Display_Long.600

TERAINA COVE COLLECTION Lilac 5-10mm Pearl Lariat

$375 $125

Support Breast Cancer Research with 10% of all proceeds from the sale of this lariat, being donated to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. Be More Than Pink™.

There’s a little bit of magic about this lovely lilac pearl lariat, which glitters, like Ariadne’s Thread, with no less than one hundred and seventy stunning, sparkling pearls. Perhaps the magic is not only in its deceptively simple design, which serves to bring out the gorgeous natural beauty of each gem, but in the myriad of ways in which this perfect pearl piece can be worn:

Team with another pearl lariat, and you have created a new, unique, stunning piece of jewelry. Wear on its own, and it can be draped in a variety of lengths and knots. This lariat is gorgeous with casual wear or formal wear and perfect for that romantic date.

This fabulous piece is available for immediate shipping.

Retail Price & Certified Valuation: $375
Pearl Color: Lilac
Pearl Size: 5mm – 10mm
Luster: Very High
Nacre: Very Thick
Surface: Good
Pearl Shape: Oval and Drop
Matching: Excellent
Number of Pearls: 170 – 190
How to Wear This Necklace: Can be loosely knotted around your neck, draped around your neck at different lengths, or even worn in combination with two or more lariats in a matching color
Species: Freshwater
Design: Sexy, Trendy, Romantic, Fresh
Occasion: Evening wear, Casual, Glamorous
Stringing: Interspersed Double-Knotted Fine Double-Strand Silk Thread
Necklace Length: 127 – 133 inches