KIRIBATI COLLECTION Black 9-10mm Pearl Drop Earrings

KIRIBATI COLLECTION Black 9-10mm Pearl Drop Earrings

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The refined quill-like shape of the silver studs from which these gorgeous black pearls drop, gives these earrings an extra-special glamour. The straight lines of the stud contrast perfectly with the full curves of the pearls.

Black pearls are exotic beauties in their own right, prized around the world, and thought to have been formed in the brains of wild, magical dragons. Each back freshwater pearl featured here, has the very highest of lustres, and a very thick nacre. And each pearl seems to glow with a dark green and deep purple hue.

They’re each like a little droplet of night. And as such, go beautifully with your formal and eveningwear, or make stunning jewels to wear with that gorgeous red wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dresses. The color of these pearls sets off any deep, dark color beautifully. And is equally striking when worn with pure white.

This fabulous piece is available for immediate dispatch.

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Pearl Size: 9-10mm
Color: Black
Style: Dangling Hook in Rhodium Silver
Luster: Highest
Nacre: Very Thick
Pearl Shape: Drop
Surface: Excellent
Species: Freshwater
Design: Classic, Elegant, Romantic, Sexy
Occasion: Weekend, Formal, Casual, Evening