GALÁPAGOS COLLECTION Genesis Ⅱ Minaudière Mother-of-Pearl Handbag

GALÁPAGOS COLLECTION Genesis Ⅱ Minaudière Mother-of-Pearl Handbag

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This strikingly beautiful designer handbag pairs vibrant hues to usher in new beginnings. In an explosion of flamingo pink tinged with light-filled white and silver undertones, salute the dawn of creation in this winner at your next staycation.

Expertly handcrafted over 70+ hours by our team of legendary artisans, this is a true original… a masterpiece among the rarest, most unique handbags ever seen.

With this bespoke masterpiece we pay homage to you, the uniquely stylish woman of today. Eclectic, bold, and unforgettable like no other.

This fabulous piece is available for immediate dispatch.

Craft: Skillfully Handmade over 70+ Hours by our Team of Master Artisans
Colors: Shades of Pink with Touches of White & Hints of Purple
What It Fits: iPad Mini, iPhone 14 Pro Max, Lipstick, Keys, Wallet, AirPods, Little Black Book
Strap: 24K Rose Gold Plated 47 Inch Detachable Shoulder Strap with Lobster Clasps
Hardware: 24K Rose Gold Plated Finishes
Lining: Pacific Pearls Signature Double Suede Finished in Engraved Leather
Species: Haliotis Varia
Origin: The Philippine Islands
Luster: Outstanding
Surface: Outstanding
Design: Glamorous, Luxurious, Exclusive
Occasion: Smart Casual, Weekend, Red Carpet
Weight: 952 Grams
Bag Dimensions: 10.4″ x 9.5″x 1.8″
What’s Included: Dust Bag, Polishing Cloth, Care Guide, Certificate of Authenticity, & Signature Gift Box