BUA BAY COLLECTION Soulmates 18K White Gold Necklace & Bracelet Set

BUA BAY COLLECTION Soulmates 18K White Gold Necklace & Bracelet Set

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Fearlessly bare your soul in this sparkling Soulmates sliding necklace and bracelet set. Seal that lifelong bond when you gift it to your childhood friend or buy it for yourself, simply because you deserve it.

Reminiscent of an artist’s palette, the burst of brightly colored Swarovski crystals on white gold is compelling, worn at daytime semi-formal events. Dress up a monotone jumpsuit and reveal the light-hearted, unpredictable side of you!

This fabulous piece is available for immediate dispatch.

Necklace & Bracelet: 18K White Gold Filled Setting Encrusted with Brilliant Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski Crystals: 6 Velvet, 6 Emerald Green, 6 Tangerine, 4 Rosaline, & Dozens in White
Grade: Premium Quality AAA
Necklace Length: Adjustable between a 16 Inch Choker to a 26 Inch Matinée
Bracelet Length: Adjustable between 5-10 Inches
Locket Sizes: 20mm x 20mm
Clasps: Sliding Clasps with 6-7mm Near-Round Silver-Gray Pearls
Species: Freshwater
Luster: Excellent
Surface: Excellent
Design: Feminine, Eye-Catching, Classic
Occasion: Casual, Work, Evening
Rarity: Popular