BORA BORA COLLECTION Black Pearl Three-Piece Diamond Jewelry Gift Set

BORA BORA COLLECTION Black Pearl Three-Piece Diamond Jewelry Gift Set

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The decadent peacock green undertones of the scintillating black pearls featured here make this a firm favorite among those who make looking good a profession. Not only because the simple design of the jewelry in this set screams sophistication, but because the quality of these huge pearls is undeniably fabulous!

Each lustrous freshwater pearl gem measures an extraordinary 10-11mm. The pearls featured here have an excellent surface quality, meaning that the light shimmers and dances as if each were a dark mirror. Plus, each pearl is set in an 18K white gold filled setting.

Oh… And then encrusted with lab-grown diamonds.

What more can we say? This set is quite simply killer!

This fabulous piece is available for immediate dispatch.

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Pearl Color: Black
Pendant, Ring, & Earring Pearl Size: A Stunningly Large 10-11mm
Setting: 18K White Gold Filled Setting Encrusted with 5 Lab-Grown Diamonds
Grade: High Quality AA+
Luster: Very High
Nacre: Very Thick
Surface: Excellent
Pearl Shape: Perfectly Round when viewed from the front
Pearl Shape Against Setting: Dome-Shaped that sits securely against the skin
Matching: Excellent
Number of Pearls: 4
Species: Freshwater
Design: Classic, Glamorous, Elegant, Timeless
Occasion: Formal, Evening, Business, Weekend
Pendant Length: 18 Inches
Ring Size: Adjustable