ATLANTIS COLLECTION Ananya Versatile White Pearl Earrings

ATLANTIS COLLECTION Ananya Versatile White Pearl Earrings

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The lights in the theater dim while the spotlight captures her lithe and graceful form; her feet ensconced in soft, white satin, poised to soar.

What makes these earrings so strikingly different are the adjustable strands. Once seated comfortably on the earlobe, a gentle tug in either direction enables you to wear these earrings any way you want to – the pearl pulled all the way down; balanced delicately midway; or worn close to the earlobe with the strand extended.

The choice is yours!

This fabulous piece is available for immediate dispatch.

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Color: White
Pearl Size: 9-10mm
Setting: Adjustable 18K White Gold Filled Strands
Strand Length: 3 Inches
Grade: Premium Quality AAA
Shape: Drop
Luster: High
Nacre: Very Thick
Surface: Very Good
Species: Freshwater
Design: Romantic, Stylish, Distinctive
Occasion: Casual, Work, Evening