ATLANTIS COLLECTION Ananya Versatile Black Pearl Earrings

ATLANTIS COLLECTION Ananya Versatile Black Pearl Earrings

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In the flickering candlelight, her eyes glow black, tinged with streaks of violet, and she momentarily looks away from her beloved.

What makes these earrings so strikingly different are the adjustable strands. Once seated comfortably on the earlobe, a gentle tug in either direction enables you to wear these earrings any way you want to – the pearl pulled all the way down; balanced delicately midway; or worn close to the earlobe with the strand extended.

The choice is yours!

This fabulous piece is available for immediate dispatch.

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Color: Black
Pearl Size: 9-10mm
Setting: Adjustable 18K White Gold Filled Strands
Strand Length: 3 Inches
Grade: Premium Quality AAA
Shape: Drop
Luster: High
Nacre: Very Thick
Surface: Very Good
Species: Freshwater
Design: Romantic, Stylish, Distinctive
Occasion: Casual, Work, Evening