My children have lavished me with gifts of an array of pearl jewelry from I wear these incredibly beautiful pieces with love and pride, not giving much thought to the uniqueness of each type of pearl. South Sea Pearls conjured up for me images of raven-haired young beauties in grass skirts, swaying gracefully to the lilting sounds of ukeleles, the hum and hush of the brilliant blue waters of the mighty Pacific Ocean playing unobtrusively in the background.

Given the variety of pearls at, I began a voyage of discovery. On my journey, I learned that South Sea Pearls are the most valued of all pearls, that they are rare and exceptional. Their beauty is unmatched, whether they be mother of pearl, baroque, or otherwise. I found out that the White South Sea Pearls are formed by the white-lipped pinctada maxima oyster, while the black-lipped pinctada margaritafera oyster produces the Tahitian South Sea Pearl, native to the French Polynesia area. A fascinating revelation was that the thick outer covering or nacre of the South Sea Pearl is what makes it glow from deep within its recesses, rather than from without.

Have I managed to arouse your curiosity? You might want to browse our South Sea Collection of Earrings and Pendants. The baroque pearl earrings in this collection are named for their non-spherical, irregular shape, each pearl unique. The Highland Fling Baroque South Sea Pearl Earrings are bound to mesmerize you, while the Candlelight Baroque South Sea Pearl Earrings are likely to transport you to exotic shores.

Pearls never cease to amaze!