The message of Christmas has endured for generation upon generation like a lustrous pearl; a message of hope, peace, joy, and, above all, love. It’s that time of year when the jubilation of the season spreads throughout the world.

Jack Frost does not necessarily nip at everyone’s nose, nor are chestnuts being roasted on an open fire everywhere, but you are just as likely to see a gorgeously trimmed Christmas tree in the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, as you are likely to see one in cold and blustery Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The air of festivity and merriment is palpable, a time when hearts quicken at the thought of family reunions over a sumptuously laden, elegantly set dining table; a time when waistlines expand and weighing scales groan; when wallets lighten, but all for good reason! A time for showing your love for others by giving generously and unstintingly.

The Christmas tree stands proudly in the foyer of your home, fairy lights and baubles encircling its branches like the ropes and ropes of pearls that Coco Chanel famously said a woman needs.
Grandma triumphantly exits the kitchen with turkey roasted to perfection, her Maria-Theresa pearl necklace gleaming under the lights. Your wife glows in the Polynesia baroque pearl necklace you gave her last Christmas, secretly wondering which ones she will receive this year.

Sandy, your high-school grad looks admiringly at the Rose Atoll charm bracelet her Dad so lovingly chose for her. Ashley, the toddler, will decades from now , wear Grandma’s pearls while celebrating Christmas with a family of her own. Yes, pearls and Christmas do go together!