Have you ever wondered why so many public figures wear pearls? Think about it. All around the world, pearls are the gem of choice for women in the public eye. Princess Di wore them, and Kate is following in her footsteps. Female politicians wear them – think Hillary Clinton or Condoleezza Rice. Even first ladies and other politicians’ wives wear them – from Michelle Obama to any wife on the campaign trail with her husband.

So what is it about pearls that draws public figures? Why not diamonds, or gold, or silver? It’s not a Republican vs. Democrat thing, or an America vs. Europe thing – it’s universal. And timeless, as well – royalty and nobility from around the world have been flaunting their pearls for centuries. But why? What’s in a pearl?

Well, just think about how you feel when you wear pearls. Don’t they give you a boost in confidence? Don’t you feel elegant and appropriately attired, no matter the occasion? There you have it. Pearls are the perfect jewelry to convey confidence and style, which makes them ideal for anyone under constant public scrutiny.

Pearls are elegant without being ostentatious.

No one could ever claim that a classic pearl necklace is “too much.” Pearls provide just the right amount of style and grace to any outfit, however formal or informal. Enough to be timelessly elegant, without going overboard. When a public figure wears pearls, she knows no one will question her taste. Imagine, on the other hand, that a first lady regularly appeared decked out in diamonds. What would the public’s reaction be? Outrage at the extravagance, of course, no matter how beautiful they were! Pearls are not for the show-off – they are for the quietly, confidently stylish woman.

Pearls convey power, confidence, and strength.

Throughout history, pearls have been the adornment of the elite. From queens all the way down to members of the lesser nobility, those in power wore them as a token of their status. Today’s politicians channel some of that ancient strength and confidence when they don their pearls. A diplomat draped in gemstones and gold would look frivolous, while one wearing pearls appears serious and in control.

Pearls fit any dress code perfectly.

Whether you’re a British princess attending a ball in a luxurious gown, or Hillary Clinton giving a speech in a pantsuit, a string of pearls is always appropriate. Any outfit, any level of formality is complemented perfectly by a classic pearl necklace. Even a pair of jeans can suddenly become a classy fashion statement when pearls are added to the mix.

Pearls are the ultimate expression of girl power.             

One of the best things about pearls? They’re ultra feminine. Pearls are the perfect illustration of the fact that femininity and strength go hand in hand. Powerful queens from ancient times knew it, and confident, modern women know it today: Pearls just scream “girl power!”

So the next time you need to project confidence, style, and strength, go with a classic pearl necklace. You can’t go wrong with the choice of generations of strong, powerful women.