February, is the month of Love, but wedding season is currently upon us with June, August, September, and October being the most popular months for weddings. Interestingly, the number of weddings worldwide is estimated at 115,000 per day!

Sadly, however, did you know that the average marriage in the UK lasts just 11.7 years? In Australia, the length of time from marriage to separation is around 9 years, on average. And in the USA, the average marriage lasts only around 8 years. Not particularly encouraging reading! It seems that these days, many marriages don’t get to the thirty year mark.

So if you or someone you know has reached that milestone, you are definitely in line for praise, and congratulations. Celebrate! If it is a couple you know, let them know how special their relationship is! They totally deserve it. And it is time to celebrate, with pearls, the traditional gift for the 30th wedding anniversary.

We’ve pulled together a mini gift guide that we hope will help you to choose a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry that will be not only stunning, but express the inner qualities that you, or your chosen couple, love most about that thirty year marriage.

If you have been married thirty years, the likelihood is, you and your partner are in your fifties or sixties. And since we are in the decade of near-eternal youth, you will not be remotely ready to sit in your chair and wait for God, as they say. Sixty is the new thirty. Glamorous and contemporary, is good!

We hope, that by the time we have that much life experience, we are a little more comfortable in our own skin, know how to take life in our stride, and have weathered enough storms, to stay on track, when life gets hard. You will want a glamorous piece of pearl jewelry that expresses the romance, passion and integrity that has kept your marriage alive all these years.

Pearls with very thick nacres, themselves both beautiful and durable, in romantic colors such as pastel pearls, creamy golden peach pearls, luscious lavender pearls, pure white, and rich, extra-special lustrous South Sea golden pearls, are a perfect expression of enduring romance.

South Sea golden pearls are extremely rare, and very large. Their luscious golden glow echoes the passion, unyielding romance and extra-special qualities that it takes, to have built such a solid companionship that has spanned three decades.

Diamonds are the modern gift for the 30th wedding anniversary, so special statement pieces that combine the traditional with the modern, the pearl with the diamond, are a fantastic idea:

If you are a husband who wants to express the unique, special qualities of your marriage, and combine the traditional gift with the modern, our golden South Sea pearl earrings, from the Premium South Sea collection, have studs encrusted with sparkling Russian diamonds, the perfect combination of the contemporary and the traditional. Perfect for the lady who has stood by your side for thirty years. You simply cannot fail to make her realize how much she means to you when you gift your lady these.

Pacific Pearls has a beautiful range of pearl jewelry encrusted with Russian diamonds, for that extra-glamorous sparkle.  And we have a gorgeous set of creamy white coin pearl earrings with a shimmering rainbow overtone, and encrusted with Russian diamonds, that express the enduring quality that has kept you together for so many years.

And if you are a wife, looking for the perfect gift, for the man who has been there for you for thirty years, we have a range of designer mother-of-pearl and pearl cufflinks to make him feel special.

Despite the gloomy statistics, there are many, many marriages out there that are still loving, supportive, and nurturing, way past the thirty year mark. Let’s not forget that. Celebrate a thirtieth anniversary. Don’t let it go unmarked. Celebrations like that are extremely important. Your loving relationship is to be treasured. What better way, than to express your love, with one of nature’s treasures? Pearls!

We’d love to hear your tales of enduring love. Tell us all about what makes your marriage special. Pacific Pearls wishes all of you who have achieved such lasting romance, congratulations and wishes you many, many more beautiful, happy years.