My Grandmother’s Pearls

Perfectly round, white pearls, set in 24K gold filigree, my grandmother’s earrings were ornate and exotic. They swung like little chandeliers when she wore them. At the base were more little pearls pierced with tiny gold balls. Completing the set was a matching gold bangle encircled with gleaming white pearls. My grandfather had bought this exquisitely hand-crafted pearl ensemble on a visit to India in the 1940’s. Many years later on my wedding day, my grandmother lovingly placed the pearl bangle on my wrist. No wedding gift I received was as precious as my beloved grandmother’s pearls.

Not My Grandmother’s Pearls

Fast forward several decades to the present time. A woman does not have to be a certain age to wear pearls. The styles are as contemporary and fashion forward as today’s young crowd. Case in point, our Palliser Lagoon Versatile Necklace, Bracelet, and Earring Set. Its allure lies in the clever design that allows the bracelet to be attached to the necklace, thereby transforming it into a long, elegant piece. Just the thing for a first date!

Then there’s our riotously colorful Oyster Bay Collection in Mother of Pearl. A Double Strand Mother of Pearl necklace in Lagoon Blue or Rose is ideal for the young sophisticate at her first prom, or perhaps the undergrad celebrating her entry into the real world. Wear an artist’s palette in our Square Mother of Pearl Necklaces in Luscious Blueberry and Vanilla; in Dusty Rose, Caramel, and Mint. The Rose Atoll Collection Baroque Pearl Charm Bracelets could be a young woman’s first foray into the world of pearl jewelry. At Pacific Pearls, you’re spoiled for choice!