Lurking somewhere in the recesses of the frenetic holiday season, until it stealthily manifests in mid-February, Valentine’s Day makes its vigorous appeal to lovers around the world to boldly, unabashedly proclaim their terms of endearment. Even the faint of heart are infused with a sense of courage and exhilaration that they did not know they could possess, all in the name of love.

After a lull in January, retailers swing to the ring of cash registers as red roses, chocolates, and the more enduring and memorable gifts of pearl jewelry, are bought as symbols of timeless, endless love. St. Valentine of Terni, who was martyred on February 14th in 269 AD, would be mystified by all the hoopla attached to his name, were he alive today. Many historians credit the 14th century English poet, Geoffrey Chaucer, as being the creator of Valentine’s Day as we know it. In his poem Parlement of Foules, Chaucer initiates the legend of a day set aside to celebrate romantic love. The date chosen was February 14th, the anniversary of St. Valentine’s martyrdom.

Regardless of all the mystery this age-old tradition is shrouded in, Valentine’s Day is here to stay. True love is worthy of celebration, and whether it is an Eternal Pearl Pendant you choose for your beloved or a Rose Atoll Statement Necklace, both Chaucer and St. Valentine would heartily approve.