Inspired by the amazing exhibition at the V&A, we bring you a countdown to the ultimate trend-setters of pearl perfection. Can you guess who is at number 1? The results might surprise…
Inspired by the amazing exhibition at the V&A, we bring you a countdown to the ultimate trend-setters of pearl perfection. Can you guess who is at number 1? The results might surprise…

5) Marilyn Monroe

Born Norma Jean Baker in 1926, Monroe captured the hearts and imaginations of millions with her sizzling screen presence and vivacious feminine glamour. Despite monumental starlet status, and her performance of ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ in 1953, she only owned two pieces of valuable jewelry, both gifted to her by Joe Di Maggio. One was a diamond ring, and the other, a single strand of pearls. With her, the single strand pearl necklace became iconic; a symbol of ultra-feminine prowess. Try classic pearls such as our Royal Collection, and Maria-Theresa Reef Collection for that quintessential Monroe look.

4) Margherita Savoy

The year Monroe was born, another consummate consumer of pearls died. Her name was Margherita of Savoy.

Born in 1851, to Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Genoa, and Princess Elizabeth of Saxony, Margherita became queen consort to Umberto, Prince of Piedmont in 1868. She amassed a sizeable collection of beautiful pearl necklaces, and by 1900, she owned no less than thirty-three!!! This earned her the title ‘Queen of Pearls’ and for her collection alone she deserves to beat number 4.

For a touch of Savoy glamour, check out Society Island’s Ten Strand White Pearl Necklace, and wear with a pair of white drop pearl earrings. And with our fantastic prices, you too may soon have a collection to rival the Queen of Pearls.

Ah, a girl can dream…

3) Cleopatra, and Queen Victoria

Pacific Pearls has decided that number three is a tie.

Legend holds that Cleopatra, ancient queen of Egypt, used the pearl to fantastical effect, to emphasise her wealth and power, at a dinner held in Marc Antony’s honor. Boasting that she could give the most sumptuous dinner ever, she crushed a pearl and drank it! Now that’s a cocktail!

However, more recently, Queen Victoria also seems to have used the pearl to majestic effect. It is said that in the hands of Queen V, glamour became a ‘gladiatorial contest, with jewels deployed as weapons’. Now that is strategic political pearl persuasion at its best. Here she is, wearing the famous drop pearl earrings she was given in 1847 and subsequently left to the Crown.

For a touch of queenly glamour, take a look at the Tara Island Collection necklaces, and team with our extraordinarily rare giant baroque pearl earrings! Or to reflect the dark, fantastical glamour of the mythical Cleopatra, go black and gold, with our Ringgold Isles Collection.

We just couldn’t decide between these two queens. Tell us who you’d vote for.

Can you imagine a catwalk battle between these two?

2) Empress Eugenie of France

At number 2, a trend-setter of the first order, whom without, arguably, the pearl would not have begun its journey of enduring fashionable renown. This contender for Pearl PR Perfection, ensured that the pearl entered a new phase of popularity for more than just royalty, and she wore them in so many different ways, that she popularised the pearl in the social conscience…

Enter Empress Eugenie of France, last empress consort of the French, and wife of Napoleon III. Famous for wearing multiple pearl ropes of varying lengths, she amassed a wonderful collection of pearl jewelry. She was fond of pearl brooches with a natural theme. And as a fan of Maria Antoinette, she also harboured a love of bustles and bows.

The key to having that Empress style, is versatility. You need not buy multiple pearl ropes, after all, you may not (officially) be royalty. Pacific Pearls has a fantastic range of adaptable multiple strand pearl necklaces. Try a versatile silver beauty from the Treasure Island Collection with complementary shortener clasp, enhancing its fantastic flexibility.

To enhance the versatility of your necklace, empress style, try our exquisite flower-shaped pearl necklace enhancers, which we’re sure Eugenie would have given her royal seal of approval. Empressive!

1) Kokichi Mikimoto

“I would like to adorn the necks of all the women in the world with pearls.”- Mikimoto.

At number one, is a pearl professional that brought the wonders of the cultured pearl to the masses. Without whom, MPP would not exist, Monroe would not have her iconic necklace, and you would not have such lovely, sparkly delights! He has created some of the most beautiful, quality pearls of the modern era, and helped countless communities of the south pacific. At No.1, is none other than the Pearl King, Mikimoto.

Born the son of a noodle maker, in 1858, Mikimoto was a great experimenter, blending science and art, to create wonderful, ground-breaking pieces, like his Journey of 5000 Pearls.

It is pieces that display thousands of the finest quality cultured pearls, at a fantastic price, that most seem to reach for Mikimoto’s sense of inclusive beauty. The gorgeous sand pearl necklace from our San Andres Collection comprises over four thousand gorgeous gems, and can be purchased from us at a discount of a massive ninety-one percent. The eight strand baroque pearl necklace from Scilly Atoll Collection contains one thousand pristine pearls.

Mikimoto’s spirit lives on through the philosophies of companies such as Pacific Pearls – we too, aim to bring affordable glamour to every woman.

We think our number one trend-setter would have approved. Don’t you?