It’s the time of year the entire world loves to celebrate. Divisive elements being set aside in order to lay hold of the unifying spirit of the Christmas season.

It’s time to reflect on a year that has seemingly galloped away from one’s grasp and one wonders where it went. How was your year? If there is a single truth we have learned, it is that life happens to us all in varying degrees. The fact that we have made it to the end of the year, however tumultuous, or for some, more fortuitous, is reason enough to be grateful.

We then resolve to act on the lessons learned, the message of hope and renewal of the season reviving our spirits. A time of family gatherings, restored relationships, forgiveness, peace, and love.

We are seized by the urge to be the best version of ourselves, to be generous, both in spirit and in kind. Christmas shopping is incomparable. Preparations begin months in advance, with all the paraphernalia and trappings that will transform your homes and storefronts into magical, sparkling galaxies. The aroma of spice-laden holiday baking permeates our homes, while a profusion of artfully packaged gifts in an array of red, gold, green, and silver pile up under the heavily bedecked Christmas trees.

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