Distancing itself from what is traditionally accepted as culture, popular culture is woven into the very fabric of our lives by the colorful, textured skeins of sports and sporting heroes; of divas and prima donnas, warbling and pirouetting in their spheres of influence; the beautiful people of television and cinema who become so ingrained in our collective consciousness that we feel a double-dipping closeness with them; the inexplicable fascination we have for royalty, particularly the British variety; or politics and politicians. Then, of course, there’s the mass media that makes all of the above possible.

What, you wonder, does this have to do with pearls? Recently, a renowned news anchor on a reputed television network was in an animated discussion about a deeply divisive topic, but my eyes chose to rest on the string of pearls she wore, instead . They were enormous Edison pearls, not unlike our giant baroque pearls, so captivating and distracting that I do not remember what was being discussed.

My research shows that the royals, young and old, on most occasions favor pearls. The classic single strand pearl necklace, so close in appearance to our 9-10mm Maria-Theresa Reef Collection; or the Tara Island Collection. One expects pop icons like Rihanna to confirm our preconceived notions of them in edgy, quirky, outside- the- box pieces, when they choose to disarm you in a conventional three-strand white pearl necklace. Whether Rihanna teamed the pearls with tennis shoes is beside the point!

While politics captures our imagination, more so its players, many of whom wear pearls. Notable among them are former FLOTUSes, Michelle Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the glamorous previous Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.
Angelina Jolie reiterates her classic brand of simplicity
with pearls, as does Oprah Winfrey; or Serena Williams off the court.

Creating unity in diversity, to borrow a phrase, are PEARLS!