There is a certain je ne sais quoi quality, a not quite palpable factor that draws people of my generation, children of the postwar 1950s, to Golden Oldies radio stations; the Billboard top 100 hits of the 60s and 70s; Turner Classic Movies, and even decades-old copies of Reader’s Digest, on which I honed my writing skills. I immerse myself on all of these, much to the amusement of my family. My son-in-law is known to wryly comment, “Ma, you’re watching TCM- again!”

Nostalgia fascinates me endlessly. It transports me to times when life was simpler and less hectic, devoid of great responsibilities. I often end my day listening to Leo Sayer’s catchy “Moonlighting” or James Taylor’s velvet vocals on “I’m your handyman.” I’m convinced that regardless of the lines that time and life have etched on my face, it’s the child in me that sings “How much is that doggy in the window?” to my darling grandchildren. It’s the same five-year old who belts out Danny Kaye’s “Everything is tickety-boo” to these kids. It gives me tremendous satisfaction in knowing that I have passed on a piece of history, my history, to my daughter’s offspring. Pearls, too, are the stuff that nostalgia is made of. They endure and are timeless.

My paternal grandmother gifted me her exquisitely handcrafted set of pearl jewelry on my wedding day. On one of many moves around the world with my husband that his work and circumstances took us, I lost these beautiful pearls. Memories of my grandmother, however, remain. The Victoria Akoya Pearl Earrings from the Akoya Collection of Pacific Pearls remind me of the gentle soul who gave me pearls on the day I got married. The Malbec Black Wine Pearl Double Strand Necklace from our Tara Island Collection conjure up images of this elegant lady who wore pearls regardless of the time of day. I proudly emulate her today, wearing pearls from this my children’s company, creating memories that I hope to pass on!