I’m comfortably ensconced in a booth in a coffee house in Miami, a city to which family commitments beckon me every once in a while from the one Down Under. In both cities, I have observed a kindred spirit in these energy-infusing purveyors of java; microcosms that mirror the cities they are part of, where English is not necessarily the only language spoken. I hear animated conversations in Spanish in this coffee house in Miami, while Cantonese would not be out of place in the ones in Melbourne, Australia.

There is a certain quaintness in locally owned and managed coffee houses, a sense of wellbeing and home comfort that the coffee behemoths cannot match. Students, youthful business owners, frazzled mothers devoid of their rambunctious offspring, even baby boomers like myself, are all drawn to these safe havens, our senses titillated by the compelling brews of Cuba and Kenya; Colombia and Brazil.

Pearls and coffee form a partnership in my mind, disparate though it sounds. Coffee perks me up, pearls even more. I don’t feel completely dressed unless I step out in even the simplest item of pearl jewelry from this, my children’s company, Pacific Pearls LLC. I’ve decided to be bold today in a Teraina Cove Collection 18k Gold Filled Pearl and Swarovski Statement Necklace, complementing my chiffon blouse and faux patent leather bomber jacket. Tomorrow, perhaps the Waikiki Collection Iolana 18k Gold Filled Designer Pearl Necklace. They are tasteful yet affordable, uplifting and satisfying. Just like my favorite java in a charming coffee shop!