On my first visit to the United States in the late seventies, I stood at the foot of Pike’s Peak in Colorado, marveling at the wondrous beauty of this incredible country. I had no inkling at the time that the scenic beauty that I was so enthralled by was what had inspired the poet, Katharine Leech Bates, to pen the poem and now legendary patriotic song, America the Beautiful in 1893.

As the mother of the two Sri Lankan-born founding owners of this American company, Pacific Pearls, LLC, I have become a frequent traveler to this land of unity in diversity, the original melting pot. Over the years, I have developed a perspective of this great nation that goes beyond its “spacious skies” and “amber waves of grain”. America’s true beauty lies in the deeply ingrained core values of its people; their sense of humanity and decency; dedication to family and service; a country that is inclusive and welcoming. A leader among nations.

PacificPearls.com salutes America the Beautiful as its 243rd Independence Day approaches. Our Palliser Lagoon Collection USA Pearl necklace, bracelet and earring set, together with the Palliser Lagoon Collection Pearl Jewelry sets honoring the four branches of the US Armed Forces, is our tribute to America, an inherently beautiful country.