As a young woman, Akoya Pearls were mere words to me. I glanced through glossy magazines that advertised them. Pearls adorned me on various occasions, but what kind they were evaded me. Fast forward several decades and I’m fascinated by what I’m discovering about pearls.

Akoya pearls belong in the upper echelons of the pearl hierarchy. The Akoya oyster bears a name that borders on being a proverbial tongue twister, Pinctada fucata martensii. The pearl it produces is vastly more beautiful than its name, classic, characteristically round, very lustrous, but smaller than South Sea pearls.

Akoya pearls are naturally white and lean towards gray, but on closer scrutiny reveal hints of pink, green, and silver. As the name implies, Akoya pearls are mainly farmed in Japan, but China, Australia, and Thailand have also staked their claim in the industry. There being just two harvests a year make Akoya pearls rare and therefore, more desirable.

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