Looking out at the bay from my apartment in the wonderful city Down Under that I call my second home, I see the gun metal gray of the sky merging with silvery tones of the ocean.
In the streets, 39 floors below, minuscule, black-clad figures, some with a pop of color, hands in pockets, walk briskly to ward off the chill that signals the onset of autumn. Yes, autumn in April.

Conversely, overcoats, blankets, and fuzzy socks are being relegated to closets and spaces under beds, in the Northern Hemisphere. Young and old are reveling in the time-honored ritual of spring break. Trees are clothed in glorious green again, toddlers frolic in the freedom of open-toed sandals. Even our feathered friends seem noisier and chirpier. Having a child living on each hemisphere, travel is a way of life for me. Depending on whether I’m traveling north or south, my wardrobe changes. My pearl jewelry, however, goes with me everywhere, every time, untouched by seasons.

Pearls are my go to jewelry. They are versatile and most practical. I would probably elicit a chuckle or two at the airport should I wear chunky, earlobe wrenching earrings with a necklace to match, on my imminent flight to the US, particularly because it’s a long haul flight.
However, the Pastel Bouquet Pearl set from our Maria-Theresa Reef Collection would be appropriate on any flight, pearl jewelry that exudes style, grace, and elegance without being over the top.

I might opt for the stunning simplicity of a White 20mm Giant Baroque Pendant from our Polynesia Collection, confident in knowing that one doesn’t need to shout to be heard. Pearls – anywhere, anytime.