We’ve all got our favorite go-to hairstyles for different occasions. Maybe you have long, curly hair, and love pulling just the top back with a clip, while letting the rest of it drape around your shoulders, when you’re at work – but on special occasions, you’re addicted to sweeping updos. Or maybe you’ve got short, perky hair that you gel to get that wild, fun look for everyday – but for an evening out, you style it to look sleek and smooth.

Whatever your favorite hairstyles, there’s a pearl necklace or a set of pearl earrings that will complement them perfectly! From long to short, and from formal to casual, you can’t go wrong with pearls.  So here’s your guide to choosing the right pearls to wear with any hairstyle.

Pair drop earrings and a classic necklace with your updo.

With your hair pulled up and away from your face, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your dramatic pearl drop earrings. Updos are formal enough to allow for even the most elaborate earrings, so don’t hold back! Frame your face with the elegance and beauty of pearls. Try pairing them with a classic pearl necklace to balance the look. A single strand of pearls is the ideal accompaniment to elaborate earrings.

Try pearl stud earrings and a dramatic pearl necklace with a partial updo.

The romantic beauty of a partial updo lends itself perfectly to a more extravagant pearl necklace. Feel free to experiment with an attention-grabbing piece. But pair that striking pearl necklace with simple pearl stud earrings for balance – all you need is a hint of pearl at the ear to complete the look.

Hair held back with a headband? Wear a pearl pendant.

A headband gives you that natural, simple look. To complement that style, don a delicate pearl pendant necklace. Focusing the attention on just one perfect pearl rather than a whole string of them will emphasize the beautiful simplicity of your appearance.

Wear earrings with personality to complement short hair.

Short hair gives you the opportunity to really show off the earrings you choose. Go with fun, dangly clusters of pearls, or pearl studs encircled with diamonds. And don’t be shy about experimenting with color! Try black, gold, or pink – there’s a color to fit every occasion.

Enhance your braid with a chunky pearl necklace.

Whether it’s long or short, elaborate or simple, a braid is an ideal hairstyle to wear with a chunky, trendy pearl necklace. Choose a multi-colored strand – maybe even one with mother of pearl sprinkled throughout. Or go for a bold baroque pearl necklace, with its unusual shapes and gorgeous texture.

Leave your hair down to accompany a multi-strand pearl necklace.

Balance the drama and lavishness of a multi-strand pearl necklace with a simple hairstyle. Leaving your hair down will make the look romantic and luxurious. You can experiment with various colors as you layer your pearls, too – try black for added mystery, or pastels for a softer look.

Any hairstyle can be enhanced and complemented by the right pearls. So the next time you’re considering a new haircut, check out our selection of pearls, too, so you can find the perfect match for your new style.