When you’re having a rough week at work, and you need something to help perk you up, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Another cup of coffee? A candy bar from the vending machine? Or even, in the realm of wishful thinking, a nap?

Well, chocolate and tons of coffee aren’t exactly the healthiest ways of dealing with stress, and as much as we love naps, we’ve got to be realistic: it ain’t gonna happen. So what can you do when the stress of your week has you tearing your hair out?

What about some good old-fashioned retail therapy?

Just take a few minutes to check out our current specials on gorgeous pearl jewelry. Chances are you’ll start to feel better right away. And by the time you realize that, hey, these pearls are really beautiful – and, wow, I can actually afford to get a few things! – your blood will be pumping and your adrenaline will be surging all on their own, no caffeine or sugar necessary.

But let’s say you’re torn as to what to buy. Why not try a pearl bracelet? Bracelets have mood-boosting benefits beyond the powers of even necklaces and earrings. Why? Because you can actually see them when you wear them! Of course, you can feel the weight of a pearl necklace at your neck, or the sway of pearl drop earrings against your face, but you can’t spend all day staring in a mirror, admiring your new jewelry – at some point, you have to get some work done.

With a pearl bracelet, however, you get the full benefits of being able to work – while at the same time admiring your new piece of pearl jewelry, all day long! Spend long hours at a computer? Guess what’ll be in front of you all day? Spend your day teaching? Every time you write on the board, point at something, or even gesture as you talk, your bracelet will catch your eye. Even if you’re stuck in meetings all day, your hands can be neatly folded on the table in front of you, so that you can surreptitiously gaze at your bracelet the entire time.

You can revel in the beauty of a simple, classic pearl strand at your wrist, or go for a trendy, chunky look with a pearl charm bracelet. An added benefit to charm bracelets is, of course, the gentle noise they make as you move, making you even more aware of their presence. When you’ve got positivity-reinforcing input coming in through three senses at once – sight, sound, and touch – your mood can’t help but be lifted.

And of course, you won’t be the only one to notice your new bracelet. If it’s front and center for you, that means it’ll be front and center for your coworkers, too! You’re sure to be gathering compliments throughout the day – and who doesn’t love a good compliment?

By the end of the day, you’ll marvel at the way your stress levels stayed manageable. A little retail therapy, and of course, the power of pearls, were all you needed! Now, isn’t that better than coffee and candy? We think so, too.