When most people think of pearl jewelry, they usually imagine the classic strand of white pearls – 45 or 50 pearls strung together to make a gorgeous necklace. And it’s true that such pearl necklaces are the standard when it comes to style and class.

But pearls have a unique beauty that lends itself easily to many other different ways of wearing them, as well. Sometimes it’s fun to wear jewelry that pairs pearls with other gems. But sometimes, it makes more of a statement to wear a piece of jewelry that features just one, single, perfect pearl.

So let’s say you’re considering a little retail therapy this week. You’re feeling worn down after a particularly stressful few days, and you don’t know how you can possibly make it till Friday. Why not take a look at the necklaces, rings, and earrings on our site that make just one gorgeous pearl their focal point?

Every single pearl in every single piece of our jewelry is rigorously inspected and evaluated before it is offered for sale. But in order for a pearl to be chosen as the solo artist in a necklace, ring, or set of earrings, it has to be exceptional. It’s not enough for it to be perfect. It has to be stunning.

That’s why we choose only breath-takingly large freshwater pearls, excitingly exotic Tahitian pearls, or gorgeously lustrous South Sea pearls for our single-pearl jewelry. Anything less than amazing simply won’t do.

Now imagine yourself wearing one of these masterpieces of the sea. The compliments you get won’t be the usual ones. You’ll encounter people wanting to look closer, wanting to touch that one incredible pearl for themselves, wondering at how large and how perfectly shaped it is.

People will want to know more about where you got it, and what type of pearl it is – because it will be unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

If that doesn’t cheer you up during a stressful week, then we don’t know what will! But it’s not just the compliments that will lift your spirits. You will also experience the mood-boosting effects of adorning yourself with a thing of true beauty. From the time you put that necklace or those earrings on in the morning, you’ll be hyper aware of its lovely presence. And every time you glance in the mirror, you’ll be reminded of its beauty – and how beautiful you look wearing it!

Pearl rings provide a special lift to your spirits, as they are visible to you all day, through all your daily activities. As you type, speak, or even just sit in a meeting, your eye will be caught – and dazzled – again and again by the luster of your new pearl.

So the next time you find yourself in need of a reason to smile, consider purchasing an item of jewelry showing off just one perfect pearl. After all, what is a pearl, but something that was created to soothe irritation? Mussels know how to deal with irritating intrusions – we can learn a lot from their wisdom, and wear a pearl to soothe our own irritated souls.