You know, stress just is a fact of life. Whether you’re a stockbroker or an elementary school teacher, by the time Friday rolls around, you’ve taken about as much as you can handle. The acronym TGIF wasn’t invented out of thin air, after all – most people are definitely ready for the weekend a day or two early!

So what can you do to combat that stressed out, exhausted feeling you get when the alarm goes off on Friday morning? How about doing a little something for yourself the day before, so that you can pop out of bed on Friday with a smile on your face and a spring in your step?

Nope, we’re not talking yoga, or even a glass of wine. We’re talking retail therapy.

That’s right. C’mon, admit it – you know exactly what we’re talking about! Going shopping can lift your spirits like nothing else. The fun of looking at different items, imagining how they’d go with things you already have, anticipating the reaction you’ll get when you wear them the first time…  The only downside is the buyer’s remorse you may feel afterwards, if you end up spending a little too much.

Well, My Pacific Pearls is here for you. We know you need a boost towards the end of the week, and we know how much retail therapy can help. We also understand that a girl’s gotta stick to a budget…or else retail therapy can turn into retail regret. So each Thursday, we’ll be putting a different piece of our gorgeous pearl jewelry on sale, just for you. Fun, mood-boosting, and affordable – what more could you want?

So over the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing how exactly each different type of pearl jewelry we offer can help to lift your spirits. After all, how can you know which items will suit your specific stress-induced needs, unless you know exactly what each does to help? A pearl necklace and a set of pearl earrings can have very different effects on a girl’s psyche, you know. And sometimes, you’ve just got to get it all.

For today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at the almost mystical power of a pearl necklace to soothe a stressed spirit. Did you know that pearls have traditionally been considered a healing gem? Spiritual healers of old used to tell women to wear a pearl necklace against their skin to cure stress-related ailments ranging from headaches to hypertension.

Why not try their prescription today? It can’t hurt – and even if its mystical properties aren’t readily apparent, you’ll no doubt still feel a boost of joy each time someone compliments you on your new necklace throughout the day. And just think – every time you look in the mirror, you’ll get that little surge of happiness as you’re reminded how great you look in your new pearls.

Fridays will fly by when your mood has been lifted by a new pearl necklace. So be sure to check back here every Thursday for the next two months, to grab a great deal that’ll more than pay for itself in stress relief and pure enjoyment.