What are Pacific Pearls?2016-07-20T15:29:48-06:00

Pacific Pearls are sourced solely from the Pacific region stretching from French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean, then across to Australia and The Philippines by the Celebes Sea of the Western Pacific Ocean, and all the way up to China bordering the North Pacific Ocean. This region is home to oysters and mussels that produce the world’s finest pearls. Any pearls sourced from beyond this magical region are not considered genuine Pacific Pearls. PacificPearls.com offers an unprecedented selection of pearl jewelry designs that truly reflect the exotic variety of pearl types, colors, and shapes found in the reefs and islands of the Pacific. Skilled local craftsmen from this region have learned to use a wide range of unique pearl shapes to create fascinating pieces of jewelry by blending their traditional techniques with classic styles and our beautiful modern designs. Every piece of jewelry on our website is painstakingly hand-made with the highest attention to detail using 100% genuine pearls.

Is your website safe?2015-11-11T14:33:13-07:00

Yes, of course! Shopping on our website is most definitely safe and secure. Your private information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of up to 256 bits, the highest level commercially available. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and this site’s web servers are private and secure. Data stored on our site is used purely to complete orders and is never shared with any third party.

Do you have any third-party verification?2015-11-11T14:33:35-07:00

Yes. For your added peace of mind and to maximize the security of digital transactions on our website, we are secured by GeoTrust, a global leader in web security. To view our security certificate, please click on the GeoTrust icon that appears at the bottom of our website. All payments are processed by Authorize.net, the trusted leader in secure and reliable payment gateway solutions. To view our authorized merchant certificate, click on the Authorize.net logo that appears at the bottom of every page on our website.

Do you have a physical retail store?2018-05-29T01:16:48-06:00

We are a progressive Texas-based company and trade purely online. This is done primarily to keep our overheads as low as possible, thereby enabling us to maintain our low prices and offer up to 90% off retail prices. In turn, trading online allows us to maximize our efficiency and focus on maintaining our high standards of customer service and preserve our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We stand by the quality of our products and services. As reassurance we offer a 60 Day, Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee.

Will my jewelry look like the photos on the site?2015-11-11T14:35:12-07:00

The pictures you see are of our own pearl jewelry and have been taken by our professional photographer. What you see in the photos is exactly what you will receive in the mail! Great care has been taken to accurately represent the color of our jewelry. Our photos are superior quality, high-resolution shots; however, the colors in the photos may appear slightly differently on your computer depending on your monitor resolution and display settings. Please be aware that pearls and shell products such as Mother of Pearl are natural products, and as such some slight variations of colour are normal and are to be expected.

What if an item I’m interested in is out of stock?2016-06-20T12:30:36-06:00

Please contact our Customer Service team if you wish to be notified when a particular item is back in stock. We can then update you via email or phone as soon as the item is restocked and available for purchase.

Will you be getting any new designs in the future?2018-05-29T01:16:48-06:00

We update our collection from time to time but much prefer to focus on quality for our valued clients, rather than quantity. To be notified of additions to our collection via email, do sign up for our mailing list on our site.

What forms of payment do you accept and how do I pay?2015-11-11T14:35:38-07:00

To complete your order simply add your items to the shopping cart, express register or log in to your account, and then click check out to pay. For added flexibility, convenience and security we offer the following payment options:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover:2015-11-11T14:35:45-07:00

Purchases can be made on our site using Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards, AMEX, or JCB. All online payments are securely processed by Authorize.net, the market-leading online payment gateway. For added peace of mind, your card details are encrypted by the highest SSL protection available.

Are your pearls artificially manufactured?2015-11-11T14:49:09-07:00

Absolutely not. All of our pearls are created by live mussels and oysters and they constitute the best available pearls from any given harvest.

How are your pearls created?2015-11-11T14:49:16-07:00

Virtually all pearls available today are cultured. The pearl culturing process begins when a skilled technician surgically implants a shell bead or piece of mantle tissue into a host oyster or mussel to induce the creation of a pearl. From this point, the same process of natural pearl creation begins. The oyster or mussel secretes a crystalline substance, called nacre, which builds up in layers over time. This creates a surface that glows with a lustre unique to true pearls. Artificial, or imitation, pearls, on the other hand, do not involve oysters or mussels in any way, and are manufactured from various chemicals and compounds. My Pacific Pearls sells only real pearls that are created by living mussels and oysters.

What grading system do you use?2018-05-29T01:16:48-06:00

Pearls have been bought and sold for thousands of years; however, there still is no universally-accepted, standardized grading system. The specific grading system that is used usually depends upon the specific jeweler or pearl distributor. Because no two pearls are ever alike, a universal grading system would require hundreds of quality parameters in order to maintain uniformity. Two major grading systems are in fairly widespread use: the AAA-A system and the A-D system. However, these systems can become very misleading if a seller misuses terms from the grading system and incorrectly describes a pearl. Some sellers commonly use a term that is not even in the grading system (such as “AAAA”) to make it appear that the pearl is beyond even the highest standard quality. In reality, that seller’s “AAAA” pearls would actually be equivalent to “AAA” grade, and their “AAA” pearls might only be equivalent to the commonly used “AA.” Most reputable pearl dealers consider terms such as “AAAA” and “AAA+” to be in bad taste, or even dishonest. Such misleading terms are seen as a way to simply charge the customer more without providing a superior product. With this in mind, My Pacific Pearls gives our customers the most accurate information about the quality of each individual piece on our website. You can find detailed product information on each individual product page. All of our pearls have been carefully evaluated based on the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Pearl Value Factors™, including size, color, shape, luster, nacre, and species.

How do I take care of my pearls?2015-11-11T14:49:29-07:00

Wearing and Cleaning Your Pacific Pearls Pearls are meant to be worn and natural skin oils help to keep them lustrous. Always apply cosmetics, perfume, and spray products before putting your pearl jewelry on. Avoid contact with perspiration, chlorinated water, any cosmetic products, dust, or everyday cleaning products and remove spills immediately if your pearls come in contact with food acids. You can use a soft cloth moistened in fresh, non-chlorinated water and then dry your pearls with another soft cloth. When taking off a pearl ring or earrings, never pull on the pearl but grasp the metal instead. Always wipe your pearls after wear, using a soft cloth. Avoid commercial jewelry cleaners unless they are 100% pearl-safe. Storing and Stringing Your Pacific Pearls Protect your pearls from extreme dryness or too much heat as excessive heat can cause discoloration and dry conditions can cause the surface to crack. Always store your pearls separately from other jewelry to protect them from getting scratched. The jewelry box and the soft silk/velour pouch that we provide with your order is ideal. Store pearls out of direct light, especially sunlight. Do not store pearls in an airtight container, plastic bag, or safety deposit bag, as pearls need to breathe and respond to natural humidity changes. Do not hang your pearl strands for storage as this can stretch the string. Pearls mounted on wire should also be laid flat to prevent bending. Pearl necklaces and bracelets should be inspected by an experienced jeweler and restrung every year or two.

What is your exchange / refund policy for regular purchases made through the Pacific Pearls website?2016-06-20T11:52:16-06:00

We take great pride in the quality of our jewelry and service. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we can arrange for an exchange or refund. All returned items must be received within 120 days of the order date to receive a refund or exchange. All exchanges will be shipped to you upon safe receipt of the returned jewelry. Exchanges or refunds are only made on receipt of the returned item. If you wish to seek a refund or exchange, please email us at info@pacificpearls.com to request an authorization form and our return address. To ensure that all refunds and exchanges are properly handled, we do not accept any returned items without a completed authorization form.

Exchanges are complimentary. To exchange an item, you may choose any other item on our website. If you select an item in the same price range, we will process an even exchange. If you select an item in a lower price range, the difference in price will be refunded to you less shipping costs. If you select an item in a higher price range, we can arrange to charge you the difference in price prior to shipping your exchange.

Items returned for a refund are subject to a twenty percent restocking fee. This covers our administrative fees, shipping and handling expenses, and merchant fees associated with processing and shipping your original order and then restocking the item.

If you elect to receive store credit for your returned item, you will receive an electronic gift card for the full value that you originally paid. This gift card can be applied to any item on our site.

Please note, postage costs relating to exchanges or returns will be borne by the customer. In the unlikely event that there has been an error on our part in the dispatch of your order, we will refund any applicable postage costs. In all cases, the returned item must be unworn and in its original condition. All packaging items that were sent to you, including jewelry boxes, silk/velour pouches, and all accompanying materials must be returned in order for your refund or exchange to be processed.

What is your exchange / refund policy for purchases through third-party websites?2016-06-20T12:21:54-06:00

If your order qualifies for a return through Pacific Pearls rather than through the third-party retailer where you made your purchase, please contact us at info@pacificpearls.com if you would like to request an exchange or refund authorization form. To ensure that all refunds and exchanges are properly handled, we do not accept any returned items without a completed authorization form. Your exchange or refund will be issued upon return of the item that you received. Refunds and exchanges for purchases through third-party websites are only permitted within 30 days of receipt of your beautiful pearls. Please note, postage costs relating to exchanges or returns will be borne by the customer. In all cases, the returned item must be unworn and in its original condition. All packaging items that were sent to you, including jewelry boxes, silk/velour pouches, and all accompanying materials must be returned in order for your refund or exchange to be processed.

What countries do you deliver to?2016-06-20T12:34:41-06:00

Pacific Pearls delivers worldwide. Standard orders within the United States and Canada are shipped free of charge.

Will I have to pay duty for international orders?2018-05-29T01:16:48-06:00

Nearly 100% of our deliveries reach our clients around the world duty free; however, in the extremely rare case that duty is applied by your local customs officials, this cost will be borne by the customer.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?2015-11-11T14:50:04-07:00

Yes, we do.

How long will it take to receive my jewelry?2016-06-20T12:04:10-06:00

USA We are accustomed to dispatching most local orders within 24 hours from the time your order is placed. Once shipped, you can expect your beautiful pearls within 2 to 5 business days for standard orders. Express Orders are usually delivered overnight.
Canada Orders are generally shipped within 24 to 48 business hours. In most cases, allow 5 to 10 business days for delivery after your order has shipped.
International Orders are generally shipped within 24 to 48 business hours. Expect to receive your order within 6 to 12 business days from the time your order ships.

How can I track my order?2015-11-11T14:50:16-07:00

For your convenience and peace of mind, deliveries can be tracked through the United States Postal Service. When making a purchase, registering on our site, or contacting us, kindly use just one private email address as opposed to your work email. The reason for this is that most corporate servers have firewalls in place that often prevent customers from receiving our correspondence.

What about packaging?2017-11-27T23:45:36-07:00

Each piece of jewelry is sent in an elegant gift pouch that is packaged inside a padded envelope or shipping box. Your order will be professionally packed and protected for your complete peace of mind. For added security, unmarked padded envelopes are used and the packaging is 100% discreet with no mention of the contents of the parcel, except for the compulsory customs declaration form for international orders.

What will I receive with my order?2017-11-27T23:49:08-07:00

Your exquisite pearls will be securely packaged in an elegant jewelry pouch ready to gift. Items over $100 will also include a beautiful gift box. A certificate of authenticity will accompany your purchase. To make optimum use of your pearl jewelry and to look after it best, you will receive a pearl care guide with instructions on how to preserve the value of your pearl jewelry.