Wearing and Cleaning Your Pacific Pearls Pearls are meant to be worn and natural skin oils help to keep them lustrous. Always apply cosmetics, perfume, and spray products before putting your pearl jewelry on. Avoid contact with perspiration, chlorinated water, any cosmetic products, dust, or everyday cleaning products and remove spills immediately if your pearls come in contact with food acids. You can use a soft cloth moistened in fresh, non-chlorinated water and then dry your pearls with another soft cloth. When taking off a pearl ring or earrings, never pull on the pearl but grasp the metal instead. Always wipe your pearls after wear, using a soft cloth. Avoid commercial jewelry cleaners unless they are 100% pearl-safe. Storing and Stringing Your Pacific Pearls Protect your pearls from extreme dryness or too much heat as excessive heat can cause discoloration and dry conditions can cause the surface to crack. Always store your pearls separately from other jewelry to protect them from getting scratched. The jewelry box and the soft silk/velour pouch that we provide with your order is ideal. Store pearls out of direct light, especially sunlight. Do not store pearls in an airtight container, plastic bag, or safety deposit bag, as pearls need to breathe and respond to natural humidity changes. Do not hang your pearl strands for storage as this can stretch the string. Pearls mounted on wire should also be laid flat to prevent bending. Pearl necklaces and bracelets should be inspected by an experienced jeweler and restrung every year or two.