Distancing itself from what is traditionally accepted as culture, popular culture is woven into the very fabric of our lives […]


Lurking somewhere in the recesses of the frenetic holiday season, until it stealthily manifests in mid-February, Valentine’s Day makes its […]


The message of Christmas has endured for generation upon generation like a lustrous pearl; a message of hope, peace, joy, […]

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Her glance is tentative and shy; her eyes reflect a certain sense of innocence and purity; her perfectly oval countenance […]

Your Grandma’s Pearls… OR NOT??

My Grandmother’s Pearls

Perfectly round, white pearls, set in 24K gold filigree, my grandmother’s earrings were ornate and exotic. They swung […]

Pearls and Old Movies

Pearls have a fascinating way of uniting women across the great social and economic divide. That’s the conclusion I have […]

A Pearl Rebellion: The Pearl and the Venetian Courtesan

February 14th sees the day (and night) where many of us fabulous females accentuate our natural womanly assets and practice […]

The Gem of Queens and the Queen of Gems

Who Wins the Pearly Prize?

Inspired by the amazing exhibition at the V&A, we bring you a countdown to the ultimate […]

The Benefits of Early Christmas Shopping

(…… or How to Avoid the Nightmare Before Christmas)

“Oh let’s go Christmas shopping!” you plead, “On Oxford Street! Or Fifth […]

Pearl Anniversary: Pearl Gifts for a 30th Wedding Anniversary

February, is the month of Love, but wedding season is currently upon us with June, August, September, and October being […]

Big Pearls for Big Girls: The Life of Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was born in suburban London, on February 27th 1932, and was a Pisces. The 23rd of March saw […]

The Pearly Kings and Queens

Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, but I noticed, at the brilliant V & A exhibition dedicated to the pearl, […]

Pearl Heaven at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

January 19, 2014 saw the finale of a fabulous exhibition at the revered Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Now the […]

Famous Pearls Throughout History – Part One

Throughout history, pearls have always been treasured as the gemstones of royalty. Their timeless beauty and rarity have made them […]

What Pearls Mean to Women at Every Age

Ah, the gift of pearls. Who wouldn’t gasp in delighted surprise at opening a present to find a gorgeous pearl […]

7 Ways to Wear a Pearl Lariat

Maybe you’ve heard the name, but weren’t sure what it was. Maybe you’ve seen it, but weren’t sure how to […]

The Symbolism of Pearls

Everyone knows that pearls are traditional – a classic, timeless gemstone, appropriate for any occasion. Pearls transcend culture and defy […]

What’s Your Pearl Personality?

Everybody loves those personality quizzes you can take in magazines and online, right? You know, the ones that tell you […]

Tough Week Have You Crying for Mama? Try Mother-of-Pearl Instead!

Sometimes, you go through a week so rough that nothing seems to help soothe your stress. If your week has […]

How a Single Pearl Can Make You Smile

When most people think of pearl jewelry, they usually imagine the classic strand of white pearls – 45 or 50 […]

How to Brighten Your Day With a New Pearl Bracelet

When you’re having a rough week at work, and you need something to help perk you up, what’s the first […]

How to Lift Your Spirits With Pearl Earrings

Yep, it’s official. Pearl earrings are magical. They have the power to lift your spirits, to draw glowing compliments from […]

How a Pearl Necklace Can Cure Your Workweek Woes

You know, stress just is a fact of life. Whether you’re a stockbroker or an elementary school teacher, by the […]

Shopping for Pearls: The Perfect Retail Therapy!

You know, making it through a long, exhausting workweek can really drain a gal. When deadlines are looming, clients are […]

Understanding Pearl Sizes

So you want to buy a pearl necklace for that special someone. Maybe it’s for your daughter, just turning 16. […]

The Health Benefits of Eating…Pearls?

You’ve seen those online lists featuring the world’s most expensive restaurant meals, right? The final, most expensive dish is always […]

How to Pair Pearls with Sweaters

It’s almost here. Can you feel the change in the air? That subtle scent of autumn? There’s just something about […]

How to Add Flair to Your Professional Wardrobe with Pearls

When you head off to work in the morning, are you dressed to the nines in a jacket and heels? […]

Pearl Power = Girl Power!

Have you ever wondered why so many public figures wear pearls? Think about it. All around the world, pearls are […]

Back to School Tips for Teachers: How to Wear Pearls in the Classroom

It’s August, and that means school will be back in session before we know it. For those with kids at […]

Bring a Piece of your Summer Vacation Back to Work With You

Summer’s end is drawing near. Don’t you hate to see it go? Relaxed weekends swimming in the lake, warm evenings […]

How to Wear Pearls with Any Hairstyle

We’ve all got our favorite go-to hairstyles for different occasions. Maybe you have long, curly hair, and love pulling just […]

Summer Pearl Diving: The Remedy for Pearl Fever

Maybe it was the day your daddy gave you a beautifully simple pearl necklace as a child. Maybe it was […]

How to Spice Up Casual Summerwear with Pearls

Imagine you’re out on a warm summer day. It’s the weekend, and you’re busy running errands. Or maybe you’re hanging […]

Go Iridescent with Mother of Pearl This Summer!

What says summer fun more than barefoot walks along a sandy beach, picking up seashells to bring home as souvenirs? […]

How to Bring Your Pearls Along on Vacation

Headed to a faraway beach this summer? Setting out on a sightseeing tour? Maybe you’re even planning a cruise getaway? […]

How to Wear Pearls on a Summer Evening

What could be more exciting than a summer evening out on the town? Whether you’re attending a formal affair, or […]

5 Ways to Pair Pearls with a Hat for a Stylish Summer Look

Have you ever been told that you have a “hat face?” Wearing a hat isn’t as common in America as […]

How to Wear Pearls at a Summer Wedding – When you’re Not the Bride!

Ah, summer weddings. The wind-swept romance of a ceremony held on the beach…the lush beauty of a garden reception…the gentle […]

Be a Goddess on the Beach This Summer

“The summit of beauty and love,
And Venus was her name.

She’s got it,
Yeah, baby, she’s got it.
Well, I’m your […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Shapes of Pearls

You may already know that pearls come in a variety of colors, but did you know that pearls also come […]

Everything You Want to Know about Yellowed Pearls

Did you know that pearls can change colors? It’s something that can happen over time. White pearls slowly turn yellow […]

How to Wear Your Pearls with Jeans

Pearls are wonderfully versatile and can be worn in everyday situations. Everyday situations includes jeans! You can absolutely pair your […]

The Top 3 Reasons Pearls are a Must Have!

Everyone knows that even a fantastic outfit isn’t enough to be wow-worthy. Usually, the perfect outfit requires the perfect accessories. […]