Elizabeth Taylor was born in suburban London, on February 27th 1932, and was a Pisces. The 23rd of March saw the 3rd anniversary of her death, at the age of 79.

It is often said that the Pisces woman knows how to conjure fantasy, desire and longing, and innately, is either an actress, or a seductress. The queen of glamour was both.

Married eight times, another famous quote puts forward an amusing argument for the amount of marriages she stacked up: “I’ve only slept with men I’m married to,” she proclaimed, “How many other women can make that claim?”

Aside from her glamorous lifestyle, sheer, seductive beauty, undeniable acting talent, Elizabeth Taylor was a survivor. In her lifetime, she survived several life-threatening illnesses.

Elizabeth Taylor was most certainly a big girl, in spirit and influence; an icon of strength, beauty, glamour and determination. In honor of her, we have peeked into our glamorous pearl jewelry collection to find the pieces that most embody her white hot seductive charm, her die-hard spirit, and of course, her love of diamonds and pearls:

Our Tara Islands Collection white pearl brooch encrusted with Russian Diamonds features twenty-five white hot pearls delicately mounted on rhodium sliver, and encrusted with no fewer than forty-six Russian diamonds. We’re sure Taylor would have approved.

The ‘Cleopatra’ LookFamously, Taylor played Cleopatra in 1963. And legend has it, funnily enough, that Cleopatra famously wagered Marc Anthony, that she could throw the most exquisite and extravagant dinner party ever. And she did, by crushing natural pearls into her milk, and causing quite a stir!

The quintessential Cleopatra look, is all about black and gold. The lovely pieces of our Ringgold Isles collection evoke this sense of queenly desert mystery, with unusual designs, and a combination of deep, glittering mauve-black pearls and yellow gold. Spring and Summer 2014 sees designers continuing with their trend of metallic, and this set of black-gold magnificence from our Ringgold Isles Collection teams perfectly with the metallics of the season!

Butterfield 8In 1960, Taylor won her first academy award, for her role in Daniel Mann’s Butterfield 8. To achieve the passionate, seductive look, a classic double string of soft white pearls, and similar drop earrings, are the order of the day. Try these snowy white drop pearl earrings from the Windward Isles Collection, or these white pearl earrings set in 925 sterling silver from our Kabara Collection, comprised of a cluster of gorgeous creamy white pearls; and pair with a simple white double strand pearl necklace. Wear with your tousled ‘bed-head’ hair-do, a sexy nightie, or that little black dress, for that Butterfield look.

Exposed necklines (and midriffs) are the hot thing this season; a trend which is set to continue right through the summer of course. Our pearls will finish off your sensual look and look fabulous with your cleavage-exposing swimsuit!

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

In this love story of estrangement and friction, Taylor stars next to Paul Newman. She is a vision of femininity in her simple, low-cut white dress, (pictured here).Team a lovely white summer dress with the Kabara Collection earrings mentioned above. But this time, pair with this pearl pendant necklace, featuring one large white baroque pearl with a rainbow undertone from the Kiribati Collection, for that soft, feminine appeal.

Autumn/ Winter 2013 was the season of elegant womanly glamour that paid homage to the hourglass figure and bodices that tantalizingly exposed the chest. It was a season for us truly adult girls. The jewelry we suggest for this hot look will blend seamlessly with last season’s look, ready to be given a new lease of life this Autumn. Of course, it will also embellish the black and white mono look that is fresh this season too, if you desire.

National VelvetThis was Liz’s first success. Now, you might think most of us are a little old for the gingham look of the young starlet in the film. However, it is only fair to warn you, there’s been a strange explosion of cowgirl check prints on the catwalk this past spring! I am still not sure what I am to make of that one. However, the look is fun and fresh, so go for it!

If you’re going for this look, no dangly earrings please. You want to avoid looking like you ventured into grandma’s attic and accidentally fell into her gingham curtains. And her dusty chandelier. Know what I mean?

Instead, a simple pair of white pearl stud earrings will compliment the look nicely, and give you a youthful lift, when teamed with your check. Take a look at the gorgeous stud pearl earrings in our Maria Theresa Reef collection. They come in a variety of colors, to go with whatever funky color your check comes in!

The cowgirl check of the season is also reminiscent of another award-winning film of our Dame’s. We’re talking, of course, about George Stevens’ The Giant, made in 1956.

Big Pearls for Big Girls

And finally, as the House of Chanel has demonstrated this season, big is where it’s at- especially when it comes to pearls. To keep the timeless elegance of Taylor, go for our massive South Sea pearls, which are the ultimate symbol of endless glamour.

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