It’s August, and that means school will be back in session before we know it. For those with kids at home, the craziness of summer is coming to an end. But for teachers, the work is just beginning.

In all the hustle and bustle of decorating your classroom, writing out those year plans, and attending in-service meetings, don’t forget to take some time to choose the right outfits for those all-important first few days of school. The first impression you make on parents and students can last throughout the year, so make sure it’s a good one!

Of course, with those special outfits, you’ll want to wear special jewelry, too. What better way to show off your smarts and your style than by adding pearls to your ensemble?  Here’s our guide to wearing pearls in the classroom.

Do Wear Pearls on Meet the Teacher Night

If your school holds a Back-to-School event, so that parents can come meet their children’s teachers, it’s only proper to dress up. Emphasize your professionalism by wearing a classic pearl necklace as you outline your plans for the year. A simple strand of pearls lends an air of sophistication and formality to any look.

Do Wear Pearls on the First Day of School    

That first day can be tough, so dress for success. Wearing elegant pearl drop earrings is a great way to show how important this first day is in getting things off to a good start. And they’ll probably garner you some compliments from your students and their parents, as well – which certainly can’t hurt on such a big day!

Do Wear Pearls Often If You Teach High School

High school students will notice your style; in fact, they’ll probably discuss all their teachers’ looks – in great detail – in the cafeteria or after school. Show them that you respect the fact that they’re growing into young adults by dressing up a little bit, even for everyday. But keep it trendy. Go for a chunky pearl necklace, or a fun pearl charm bracelet, to mix it up. They’ll appreciate the extra professionalism – and the extra flair.

Don’t Wear Pearls on Messy Project Days

If you’ve got a full-blown, messy art project planned for class, it’s better to skip the pearls. You don’t want to get any paint or other chemicals on your pearls, as they can cause irreparable damage. Save your pearls for days when you know they’ll be out of harm’s way.

Don’t Wear Pearls in Pre-K Without Planning Ahead

Preschool students can be unpredictable, and sometimes little hands can suddenly reach out to pull on a necklace dangling temptingly close by. Think ahead to what your day holds before putting on those pearls in the morning. Teaching PE today? Supervising recess? You might want to pass on pearl earrings on any day when they might get knocked off by a stray ball.

Don’t Wear Pearls While on a Field Trip

Of course you’ll want to look your best when out and about, representing your school. But it’s all too easy to lose a precious bracelet or drop an earring without noticing it, when keeping track of a busload of little ones. By the time you do realize it, it may be too late. Better to leave your pearls at home, so you won’t have one more thing to worry about.