SOCIETY ISLANDS COLLECTION Mulberry Silk Shawl & Adjustable Pearl Ring Gift Set These most luxurious silk shawls are large enough to ward off the onset of wintry chills while enabling you to look your fashionable best. Wear them in clouds of coils around your neck, accentuated by the adjustable pearl ring. Tie it around your waist in place of a belt; wear it turban-style and give in to exotic yearnings; or simply drape the shawl scarf over your shoulders and show off its fabulous pattern.

Luxuriate in folds of ethereal softness… these glamorous accessories are exquisitely crafted from the finest 100% mulberry silk twill, exclusively for you. Each delightfully patterned shawl comes with a pearl ring that may be used to secure the scarf in place, or as a ring to adorn your finger.