SOUTH SEA COLLECTION Rose Faceted Mother-of-Pearl Reversible Stud Earrings Did you ever wish to wake up to brilliant, blue skies and shimmering, azure waters that gently was the shores of islands lush with tropical vegetation, the squawks and vibrant colors of parrots and parakeets filling the air; your senses replete with the heady fragrance of frangipani; of garland-laden, grass-skirted dancers swaying to the lilting rhythm of drums and ukuleles?

Realize your fantasies in these oh-so unique Rose South Sea Mother-of-Pearl Reversible Stud Earrings. The rosy glow in the myriad facets mimics sunset in the South Sea Islands. Create your own tropical vibe at your poolside party in these irresistible, rose-toned beauties. Dream the impossible dream!