PACIFIC PEARLS BORA BORA COLLECTION White Pearl Three-Piece Diamond Jewelry Set Reflecting that illusive Hollywood glamour conjured by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Marilyn Monroe, this beautiful set from the Bora Bora Collection will have you looking and feeling like the glitterati.

Set in a fourteen karat white gold filled setting and dusted with Russian diamonds no less, are four sizeable white pearls of the highest quality. Thanks to their very high luster, they sparkle and gleam, vivid and crisp under any light source. They are extremely durable, owing to their naturally very thick nacres. Their silver undertones glitter against the cool, smooth silver in which they are set. They are an ever popular choice for ultra-glamorous occasions and the finishing touch to your sexiest outfits.

Effortless and comfortable to wear, when you don this set, you will feel like a screen goddess. If you want to be ready for your close-up, these pearl wonders will fast become your new best friends.