PACIFIC PEARLS MERMAID BEACH COLLECTION Sunrise Soufflé Pearl Versatile Necklace & Bracelet Set The tentative peeking of the sun’s rays on the horizon, the night sky dissipates, the clouds blush a soft rose and peach. Make these rare Sunrise Souffle Pearls an all-day affair, taking you from the boardroom to an intimate dinner; from dropping the kids off at school to catching up with Mom over lunch at the country club.

What makes this collection desirable is not only its rare beauty, but also the fact that it is versatile. The ingenious design, with its magnetic clasps, enables you to transform the necklace and bracelet into a matinee-length piece. Better still, colors can be mixed and matched; two bracelets can become a choker; two necklaces cleverly transformed to a double strand. The possibilities are endless!