PACIFIC PEARLS POLYNESIA COLLECTION Pink Champagne 25mm Giant Baroque Pearl Earrings Two extremely rare, unique, Giant Baroque pearls fall from spurs of silver. Each one has a gorgeous, chrysalis-like appearance in an irresistible pink champagne. Under the light, their marbled overtones of silver, pink and gold spring to life, enhancing the natural beauty of these pearls.

Because of their beautiful mesmerizing color and iridescent rainbow overtones, these earrings are a perfect way to add wow factor to your evening attire. They will sparkle with incandescence under the camera’s flash at any prestigious gathering. These earrings are true glamour, and as such, are also a natural choice for a very special occasion, such as a red carpet event or gala.

Baroque pearls are characteristically unique. And the size of these luscious gems, twenty-five millimetres in size, coupled with their very high lustre, and very thick nacre, means they are truly a rare treasure.