PACIFIC PEARLS SOCIETY ISLANDS COLLECTION Ice Blue 180 Inch Pearl Necklace Ten strands of devilishly delightful glamour are what this ice blue beauty is. This is ultra-glamour at its best!

Each pearl used to craft this statement piece measures between 6.5 and 7mm. You will notice the blue glimmer of their surface, and the bright silver overtone they emit. Their luster is very high.

This is a versatile tool for the uber-sophisticated. It can be worn several ways, and, let’s face it, will look good with anything. It transforms from a four or five layer graduated or non-graduated rope length necklace, to a six or seven layer graduated or non-graduated matinee length necklace, or even an eight layer princess length necklace

Girls, this is an extraordinary one hundred and eighty inches of blue, silky sophistication, comprising no less than five hundred bright blue gems. It is so gorgeous, it’s almost political.