PACIFIC PEARLS MARIA-THERESA REEF COLLECTION Silver Agave Pearl Gift Set She would never forget that scorching summer’s day when she drove through South Western Texas, the heat shimmering on the silvery wild agave, the Franklin Mountains towering proudly to her right. A color that would compliment a silk outfit for a late afternoon event, or an intimate dinner with friends or beau.

The Maria-Theresa Reef Collection epitomizes the classic piece of pearl jewelry that has adorned women throughout the ages. It stands alone in its promise to endure for aeons to come, passed down from generation to generation; a beloved heirloom that never loses its freshness or its ability to evoke awe and a sense of wonderment. Untouched and unfazed by the capriciousness of passing fads, this beauty belongs in every woman’s jewelry box.

The diamond-encrusted magnetic clasps on the necklace and bracelet of the three-piece sets make them easy to wear. What is even more magical is that the bracelet could be attached to the necklace to make it a matinee-length conversation piece. Set your imagination on fire by wearing two or more colors together!