PACIFIC PEARLS GALÁPAGOS COLLECTION 50mm Pāua Statement Necklace From the heart of the reef, comes this truly magnificent piece of jewelry; a single, unique, great abalone pendant, suspended on a scintillating Russian Diamond Encrusted Chain, and shimmering with all the colors of the ocean’s watery rainbow.

You will notice how the abalone seems to shimmer and glisten, much like the surface of the water under moonlight. Passionate purples, hot pinks, decadent and vivid greens, and midnight blue waves of color sing from this beautiful gem.

A perfect, contemporary piece to wow, with that little black dress; to add a dark sophistication and easy glamour to a casual denim ensemble; or to vividly express your unique personality when you dress for the office, this is a statement piece that whispers of mystery, individuality, and rare beauty.