Maybe you’ve heard the name, but weren’t sure what it was. Maybe you’ve seen it, but weren’t sure how to wear it. Or maybe you’ve admired it on other people’s necks without even realizing what it was. What are we talking about here? The lariat necklace!

Nope, this necklace has nothing to do with cowboys and rodeos – though you could pair it quite nicely with a cute country outfit. It’s called a lariat because of the fact that you can wear this necklace pretty much any way you’d like – it’s open, with no clasp.

Because of that unique feature, you can wrap this necklace in many different ways – and each one gives it a new look, perfect for pairing with a new outfit! It’s almost like a scarf, if you think about it – but one that you can wear year-round, inside or out, at both formal and casual occasions.

Need some ideas on how to wear a lariat necklace with different necklines? Look no further – we’ve assembled a list of seven different looks for your pearl lariat necklace.

1. The Choker: Wrap the lariat around your neck a few times, and then simply cross the ends over to secure. For a stylish asymmetrical look, let the ends hang to the side, rather than the front or back. This look is perfect for a formal night out on the town.

2. The Cross-Over: For this look, wrap the lariat necklace around your neck only once, and then cross the ends in front, creating a V. The great thing about wearing it this way is that you can adjust the V to make it shorter or longer, so that it matches your neckline. This style works just as well at the office as it does with a casual weekend outfit.

3. The Knot: To achieve this look, simply drape the lariat necklace around your neck and tie the long, loose ends together in a knot in front. The height of the knot is adjustable, of course, so that it can be paired with any outfit. And if you’d like it shorter, just wrap the necklace around your neck once before knotting it.

4. The Relaxed Look: The simplest way to wear a pearl lariat necklace is to wrap it around your neck once and then leave the ends hanging loose. You can let them both hang at the same length, or pull one side down a bit to give it some fun, casual style. This is a great way to dress up a relaxed look.

5. The Backwards Look: Wearing your pearl lariat necklace this way is sure to attract comment. To accompany a formal dress with a low back, wrap the necklace around your neck backwards, so that the ends hang down on your back. Cross the ends over at your neck to keep it in place.

6. The Big V: This look is similar to the Cross-over, with one major difference – the necklace is not wrapped around your neck once first, but instead simply draped around, with the ends crossed over each other. This makes the look extremely elegant, perfect for formal occasions.

7. The Bracelet: Perhaps the most creative way to wear your lariat necklace is as a pearl bracelet! Wrap it, cross it, knot it – however you style it, it’s sure to draw attention at your wrist, whether the occasion is work or play, casual or formal.

With all these different ways of wearing a pearl lariat necklace, it could easily prove to be the most versatile piece of pearl jewelry you own! Do you have any other suggestions for wearing a pearl lariat necklace? We’d love to hear them, so please share them in the comments section below!